National Geographic yellow windows can be found across the towns and rural areas of six South Estonian counties. They invite you to learn more about the rich cultural heritage, exquisite nature and innovative companies of the region.

In early 2013, South Estonian communities submitted more than a hundred different sites to the competition of areas worth exploring. The jury, which included project partners and tourism specialists, selected the 21 sites that best bring together and introduce the story of South Estonia. More windows have now been installed, giving you the opportunity to explore the local areas through 30 windows.

How to begin your exploration of South Estonia?

  • See the map of South Estonia and our destinations.
  • Select a route to explore South Estonia.
  • Enjoy the views through the yellow windows.
  • Look around in the area near the yellow window and explore the exquisite beauty of South Estonian nature, the activities of the local people and the simple pleasure it all provides.