The story of South Estonia

Wild nature, inspiring landscapes and the diversity of species, active communities, daily life combined with local quirks and customs, innovative approaches and the sustainable development of rural areas – this is where the story of South Estonia begins.

The beauty of nature

The indescribable wealth that embraces us amidst our familiar and pure nature in Southern Estonia is difficult to express in words or numbers. This wealth can only be experienced with your own senses.

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Local initiatives

In troubling times, we suddenly realise that we desperately need the simple skills and knowhow that South Estonian smoke sauna rituals are brimming with – even in the modern globalising world. In a new way.

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The diverse cultural heritage of South Estonian people continues to enrich the local culture to this day: it creates a specific background against which our modern life unravels in its globalising tendencies.

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Lõuna-Eesti suitsusaun. Andres Treial

New approaches

The innovation of South Estonia is to make things properly and not in large quantities – instead, we focus on exciting niches. These are the things that inspire the creator as well as the larger audience.

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