South Estonia invites you to take time out

A spa vacation paradise!

2 days

The Onion RouteKubija Nature SpaSetomaa MuseumsVärska spa centre

Day 1

The Onion RouteKubija Nature Spa

To set your thoughts on the holiday wave, start the journey from Onion Route. This region combines two nations and three cultures. In addition to Estonian peasant culture, there is a legacy from both Baltic German landowners and Russian Old Believers. When the senses are full of experiences, it is the right time to head to the Võru Kubija nature spa. When you arrive, it is definitely worth taking a short relaxing walk on the health trail and then heading to enjoy the sauna pleasures and relaxing procedures. If you fancy traditional Estonian meal made from local products,  you should have your dinner in the Kubija Nature Spa restaurant

Day 2

Setomaa MuseumsVärska spa centre

The next morning the Obinitsa Museum (Setomaa Museums) awaits, where you can learn more about Seto leelo and the soul life of Seto women. And if you’re already there, why go by the tsässon next door.

On the way to Värska, you should take a small detour to the Saatse Museum with a renewed exposition in order to get even more part of the local life and traditions. From there, the road leads to the Värska resort treatment center through Russia – the passage of Saatse’s boots allows you to take a quick look at the premises of the eastern neighbor, and a visa is not required. When you reach Värska, you definitely need to refresh your body. This can be done comfortably, either in Seto Tsäimaja or already in the restaurant of the resort treatment center. In the evening and why not the next day, however, is furnished with various procedures that refresh the body and mind and the pleasures of the water park. By the way, the water park of Värska Sanatorium is the only water park in Estonia that partially uses natural mineral water coming directly from the earth’s crust!

In fact, a spa vacation takes more than a couple of days, so it can be extended. There is plenty to see and do here!

While working take time for yourself


If you also need to work in the summer, it does not require office walls or a work area at home. Stick the computer into the bag, take the family with you and start your trip to South Estonia! Kupland’s remote workspace Network ensures that the everyday life of a worker is also full of productivity and brilliance – this is especially necessary for the summer when the mind wants to go wandering outside. 

If you want to go to nature with the whole family, you can be productive in your work in the picturesque Saarjärve Holiday House. In order to guarantee a particularly awesome experience even for the little ones in the family, the nap time can be arranged in a camping ground tent on the shore of the lake, for example. The ancient and modern worlds also meet at the Anzelika Organic Farm in Setomaa, and the country sheep of Kihnu are waiting in Haan’s creative garden.

Pesa Hotel in Põlva offers a holiday for the smart neck, but in Taevaskoja Holiday Center, it is possible to combine work with hiking on Taevaskoja hiking trails. When staying at the Ööbikuoru villa, there are corresponding opportunities to use it in Rõuge.