South Estonia invites you to an adventure

Option I 

Adventure with the whole family!

3 days, 4 days if desired

Day 1

Vudila PlaylandDorpat hotel

Start your adventure in Vudila Playland, where you and your little ones can dive into the bright blue water, rally in a collision car or ATV, and seek shelter from the rain in a large playroom. You don’t have to worry about dining because Vudila has thought of that too!

As the day falls, pack the family in your car and drive to the Dorpat Hotel in Tartu, where a soft bed and a delicious dinner awaits you.

 Day 2

Elva Recreational Region -Taevaskoja Tourism and Holiday Center

On a new day, after a refreshing breakfast, the idyllic Elva recreation area awaits you. You can start the day on a hiking trail in Vapramäe, Vellavere, or Vitipalu together with an energetic tour guide. For a lunch break we recommend Elva Keegel and Resto. After the meal take the course towards the picturesque Taevaskoja. Taevaskoja Tourist and Holiday Center offers a pleasant place to stay and amazing nature experiences, which can be experienced either by simply walking in the surroundings or by using the various additional facilities offered on-site. 

 Day 3

Hinni canyon hiking trail or another hiking trail Kubija hotel and nature spa

On the morning of the third day, it is time to head south. Rõuge Suurjärv is the deepest lake in Estonia, there are unique hydraulic rams nearby and not far away there is Pesapuu lookout tower where you can’t help but sigh, “Estonia is so beautiful!”. In the nearby Hinni canyon, you can go on an easy nature trip in pristine nature, and in the afternoon, it is wise to go to Võru to enjoy a sauna with the whole family in the Kubija hotel-nature spa; why not plan a relaxing procedure to rejuvenate your body tired of all those adventures.

 Day 4- drive home

 Cantervilla castle

To make your trip home more adventurous, you can also consider visiting Cantervilla Castle. There is also a family playground with carousels, a water and car park, a manor-themed exposition, and other cool attractions for both children and adults. 

 Option II

Enjoy the magic of nature!

2 days +back on day 3

Meenikunno hiking trail Värska spa centerTaevaskoja hiking trail Sophia Hotel The Onion Route

Day 1

Nature in Estonia is wonderful, but it is especially wonderful on the Meenikunno hiking trail, where you can experience the silence and peace of the bog, the bustle of the wood ants, and the rustle of slender pines. From Meenikunno, the way is not long to Värska resort treatment center, where you can enjoy the power of nature, for example, through various procedures that make the senses sharp and the mind at rest. In the immediate vicinity of the Värska resort treatment center, there is a lakeshore, a health trail, and the Pikalombi hiking trail, where you can see the Estonian-Russian border posts meandering over the swamp and also Lake Pskov from the Velna observation tower. 

Day 2

Taevaskoja hiking trail Sophia Hotel

The next day we recommend going to Taevaskoda, where almost 40 kilometers of hiking trails maintained by RMK are waiting. It is definitely worth taking the time to sail around the Saesaare dam lake with the riverboat Lonny. As the evening approaches, head towards Tartu, where you can nourish your body in the excellent restaurant Fii and see refreshing dreams at the Sophia Hotel. 

Day 3

The Onion Route

On the morning of the third day, you can go and discover the versatility of the Onion Route- the traditional Estonian peasant culture, the villages of the Russian Old Believers, and the manor environment of Alatskivi Castle, all in one way along the shores of Lake Peipsi. Before returning to your daily routine, we recommend having lunch in Alatskivi, in Lendav laev (flying ship), full of art.