I Kodavere song festival


The first Kodavere song festival lets us peek into a unique world of an indigenous language

In the European Capital of Culture year, history will be made on the tiny singing stage of Pala village. On 2 June 2024, the first Kodavere song festival (Kodavere laalopido) will take place here, with the aim of preserving indigenous languages.

The event was sparked by a local initiative: the people of Kodavere parish have decided to lift the lid on their treasure chest just a little, so that their secret language – Kodavere kiäl – may be heard. Kodavere laalopido is a public festival open to everyone. Organised by the Kodavere Heritage Centre, all the songs are sung in the Kodavere dialect.

“Tule kõhale, laala kuasa ja õle ajaluulise pido sünni juuren!“ (Come and sing along, and witness the birth of an historic festival!).

Date: 2 July 2024

Location: Pala village, Tartu county

More information: facebook.com…

Contact: Reet Kruup, reet.kruup@peipsivald.ee, +372 5305 9007

Mikk Kirikal and Ergo-Hart Västrik. Photo: Terje Atonen

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