Documentary participatory performance “The Arts of Survival“


A documentary participatory performance on the art of survival awakens and challenges

Let’s meet our guests from the future – People Significantly Affected by Climate Change, or PSACCs. The documentary participatory performance entitled The Arts of Survival. The PSACCs brings the experiences and skills of those directly affected by the impacts of the climate crisis to the wider public.

So, what are the five tips that help us survive floods and much more? Welcome to the arts of survival school! People who have been affected by climate change from South America, Africa, Oceania and Southern Europe share their stories of surviving extreme weather conditions.

We will meet in summer 2024 in Kambja at Kesk tee (literally, “middle ground”) to try to establish the middle ground together. The performance is organised by NGO Loodusvõlu.

Date: 14 June 2024

Location: Kambja, Tartu county

More information:

Contact: Sandra Kartau,, +372 5631 1458

Mihkel Kohava and Sandra Kartau. Photo: Terje Atonen

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