South Estonia can be discovered through 28 yellow windows. Windows that can show you the most exciting places and tell you our story. Of course, there are many innovative and special companies situated across South Estonia near the yellow windows. Come and discover them!

In our database there is more than 100 companies who are ready to host you and show their everyday life. Main topics are: IT and innovation, wood/crafts and innovation, food and innovation, health/medicine and innovation,  smart solutions/communities and innovation, special products and innovation. Likewise we are ready to introduce innovative projects of our Leader action groups. 

We help your conference or study tour group:

  • to put together an itinerary for visiting innovative businesses in South-Estonia
  • to make appointment with businesses
  • if necessary to be a travel companion

Ask for more information or make an request +37256480065 or



Information for innovation itinerary is collected by: Tartu city, Tartu Science Park, Tartumaa Arendusselts, Jõgevamaa Koostöökoda, Piiriveere Liider, Valgamaa Partnerluskogu, Võrumaa Partnerluskogu, Elva local municipality, Kambja local municipality, Valga city, Põlvamaa Arenduskeskus, Viljandimaa Arenduskeskus.