A village made famous by a TV series

You have reached the Süvahavva Village. Over the millennia, the Võhandu River has carved a deep ravine into the sandstone here. The Viia water mill on the shore was built between 1900 and 1915. The old mill house has undergone some renovation and now houses a village hall.

The oldest wool factory in Estonia is still in operation in the white stone building. Here guests can see how yarn is made from wool. It is also possible to buy woollen products and other local handicraft from Villakalli Puut.

Süvahavva village, with fewer than 50 residents, lies on both sides of the river. The village has gained additional fame from the well-known TV series “Süvahavva”, which unfortunately bears no connection to the village other than the name.

Near the village, you can find Süvahavva Nature Farm, where over 40 species and varieties of herbs are grown. It is peaceful and refreshing here, with the beautiful outcroppings and caves of the Võhandu River just a few hundred metres away.

It is also a great starting point for nature observation hikes lasting only a few hours. Near the village is the Süvahavva bog. It boasts the largest sandstone outcrops on the Võhandu River, including the Viira veskimüür, which has a height of 16.5 metres.